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Tom Brady Has Classic Reaction To Matt Damon Supporting Bucs Over Patriots In Potential Super Bowl

BOSTON (CBS) -- Matt Damon is taking his love for Tom Brady to a new level.

Days after revealing the depths of his appreciation for the "once-in-a-lifetime athlete," the Hollywood star was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show. The topic of Brady came up rather quickly, and Damon made it clear that his rooting allegiance now lies with Brady and not the Patriots.

Here's how the conversation between Patrick and Damon started.

Dan Patrick: Let me give you the official introduction here. He's Matt Damon: actor, producer, screenwriter, and Tom Brady apologist, it says here.

Matt Damon: Apologist? I don't apologize for anything. Listen, I love that guy. I make no apologies.

Patrick: OK, if the Bucs played the Patriots in the Super Bowl, who would you root for?

Damon: Tom Brady.

And when the interview concluded, Damon let out a "Go Bucs!"

Last week, Damon said on Bill Simmons' podcast that Brady was more responsible for the Patriots' success than Bill Belichick. The Cambridge native likely caught some heat from some die-hard Patriots fans for that opinion, and an interview like this one will only send more flak his way from the New England area.

But the heart wants what the heart wants. And Matt Damon's heart wants Tom Brady.

And hours after the story hit Twitter, Brady caught wind of it. He replied with a classic GIF:

Suffice it to say, Brady is happy to have Will Hunting in his corner.

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