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Matt Damon, Casey Affleck spotted filming new movie 'The Instigators' in Boston

Matt Damon, Casey Affleck spotted filming new movie 'The Instigators' in Boston
Matt Damon, Casey Affleck spotted filming new movie 'The Instigators' in Boston 02:41

BOSTON -  – A Boston firehouse transformed into a movie set, drawing onlookers hoping to get a glimpse of actors Matt Damon and Casey Affleck Wednesday. 

"We saw the commotion and decided, let's see what it is," said Allison Holman, who snapped a couple of pictures of Damon on the movie set. 

It's not a "Good Will Hunting" sequel, but Damon and Affleck did reunite for the new film "The Instigators," playing two thieves on the run. 

"I've never really seen a celebrity in the flesh before, so it was very exciting," said Holly Calhoun. 

"They look like normal people, so it's exciting to see that," added Holman. 

Affleck donned a rugged, green Dartmouth sweatshirt as Damon paced back and forth along Cambridge Street. 

"Matt Damon has the classic, waffle, tight shirt on, showing off his biceps and his chest," said Holman. 

"You had to pretend Matt Damon and Casey Affleck aren't in your firehouse taking your gear," said Boston firefighter Paul Blaikie. "But it was interesting to stand by and watch them walking around and stuff." 

The pair even took photos with the real Boston firefighters. 

A firehouse on Cambridge Street in Boston poses with Matt Damon and Casey Affleck Boston Fire

"Our days are different every time we come into work, but it was nice to have a little break from that and kind of see how a movie gets filmed and the operations behind that," Blaikie said of the experience. "So, it was cool." 

They got a front-row seat to the action before Affleck and Damon headed to the North End to shoot scenes at Bova's Bakery in the North End. The nearly 100-year-old shop is typically open 24/7, but they've closed down for the week for the shoot.

Movie crews shut down Salem Street, bringing in a massive Boston Police Special Operations truck and fake snow to the set. 

"It's uncomfortable because I can't get my bread, but it's gotta go on, whatever, life has got to go on," said Anthony Gambale of the street closures. 

There's excitement across the city as people wonder where the actors will pop up next. 

"I'm excited to watch the movie and know that I was here," said Calhoun. 

The movie is being made by Damon and Ben Affleck's production company Artists Equity. According to Deadline, it's about two thieves who go on the run with help from a therapist after a robbery goes bad.

Damon and Affleck's company just released their first movie called "Air," which tells the story of Nike building a shoe brand around Michael Jordan. 

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