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Matchmaking Business Booming After 2 Years Of COVID Pandemic

BOSTON (CBS) - For better or for worse, the pandemic took a toll on most parts of life. That of course included dating - how and with whom we could safely spend our time.

"They worked a lot; they traveled a lot. They had a full social calendar. When all that stopped, I think a lot of people started looking inward and focused on personal growth. For many that meant focusing on family and relationships," explained Nia Divris.

Divris is a local matchmaker with Three Day Rule. Recently, she cast a net - looking for quality candidates in a Facebook group of bright, busy, Boston businesswomen.

"I was so overwhelmed with the response. My email was blowing up. My Facebook. There were hundreds of messages. I couldn't keep up," she recalled.

According to the most recent "Singles in America" research by Match, only 11% of singles want to date casually right now. COVID already stole so much time.

"I have done online dating myself. Have I met Mr. Right? No but I have really high standards and I've done my inner work," said Cat Blake.

Blake is a divorce coach and therapist on the North Shore. She has also seen significant growth in her business - people leaving relationships that don't work for them and really seeking meaningful change. Now she supports many of her divorced clients as they embark on a new chapter.

"We are really wired for connection. People need a little bit of help with that. Opening their heart and allowing themselves to be vulnerable to new love coming in. It is possible," Blake added.

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