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'It Makes It Feel Safer': Bikers Support MassDOT's Pilot Program Widening Bike Lanes On Mass. Avenue Bridge

CAMBRIDGE (CBS) -- The Massachusetts Department of Transportation released new video showing cones being thrown over the Mass. Avenue bridge and into the Charles River.

The cones thrown into the river were part of a MassDOT pilot program to temporarily widen the bike lanes in both directions over the bridge.

The video, released Friday, shows two people jumping over the sidewalk railing, into the road, grabbing traffic cones, and throwing them over the edge of the bridge.

Despite what happened, cyclists along the bridge Saturday said they are thankful the tentative bike lane expansion is in place.

"It's a little nerve-wrecking on this bridge with just the white lane," said David Reichert of Jamaica Plain.

Boston University student Gavin Kensinger says he also feels more comfortable with the bike lanes expanded.

"I honestly like the expansion like this. It makes it feel safer," said Kensinger. "Normally, when it is just this, it gets pretty sketchy with the cars right here."

Cyclist Dan Janini says he is hoping there is something more permanent put in place for the future instead of the cones.

"It does seem like having infrastructure that people can't throw into the river seems like the ideal solution," said Janini. "So then maybe we don't have to arrest people and people can be safe at the same time."

MassDOT said more than 130 cones were thrown onto the river during a two-week span in January and ultimately removed by special dive teams.

No arrests have been made yet.


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