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Frustrated Mass. Commuters Consider Leaving State Or Jobs Due To Commute, Poll Finds

BOSTON (CBS) – Commuters may be at a breaking point, frustrated over traffic and transit problems.

A new poll shows that some Massachusetts residents are so angry over their commutes that they're considering big changes like switching jobs or even moving out of town altogether.

A new poll by the MassINC Polling Group was released overnight. It found 72% of commuters are stressed, angry or frustrated by their commutes.

That includes a nearly equal number of drivers and those who take public transportation.

Nearly half have been late for work and appointments. Most have considered leaving earlier or later to avoid the busiest commute times.

Some would even consider changing jobs or moving out of the area to get a better commute. Fifty-one percent of people surveyed who have a commute 45 minutes or longer say they would change jobs for a shorter ride to work.

"These impact numbers, especially among those with the longest commutes, should be a red flag for the business community in Massachusetts," says Steve Koczela, President of The MassINC Polling Group. "The levels of frustration we are seeing in this poll suggest a significant portion of workers are reaching a breaking point when it comes to their commutes."

A number of legislative bodies around the state will take the survey data and use the results to explore ways to fight the transportation challenges.

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