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Massachusetts Commission To Explore Changing Time Zones

BOSTON (CBS) - Imagine driving from New Hampshire into Massachusetts and when you cross the border, you have to reset your watch and the clock on your phone.

That's just one of the implications if Massachusetts takes the extraordinary step of leaving Eastern Standard Time and joining Atlantic Standard Time.

Wednesday was the first meeting of a state commission created to study the possibility of Massachusetts doing away with Daylight Saving.

Tom Emswiler of Quincy is a citizen who recommended the state do this. He is a member of the commission.

Time zones
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Emswiler says studies show that there are more accidents in the spring as people lose an hour of sleep and also says there are more heart attacks.

But skeptics of the plan, including Rep. Paul Frost of Auburn, say it makes no sense for Massachusetts to be in a different time zone than New Hampshire and other bordering states.

He cited how confusing it would be for a salesperson who might have to travel to Massachusetts and neighboring states in the same day.

Governor Charlie Baker has gone on record saying he is not in favor of changing time zones.

The commission has set a deadline of March 21st to finish their report.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Carl Stevens reports

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