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Baker Nominates Judge Serge Georges Jr. To Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

BOSTON (CBS) - Gov. Charlie Baker announced another appointment to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court at a news conference Tuesday afternoon. The governor nominated Boston Municipal Court Judge Serge Georges Jr. to the state's highest court.

"His colleagues use words like rockstar, fantastic judge, great mentor, wonderful teacher, and outstanding example, when they talk about his time on the bench," Baker said. "He knows the law, does his homework, and treats everyone in his courtroom with dignity and respect."

"I will show my honor and my respect for this position by working as hard as I can, to do the best that I can, by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts," Georges told reporters.

Georges, a Boston College graduate and Haitian-American, said diversity in both background and experience is important for the courts.

"It cannot be reasonably disputed that diverse groups make better decisions," he said. "It's going to lead to better decision making."

Quoting a letter from a colleague of George, the governor said, "He has such a high work ethic. He's a great team player. He gets along with everyone. Open warm and humble. He treats colleagues well. He's open to hearing differing viewpoints and is respected by everyone. He has great common sense. He's just brilliant."

Judge Serge Georges Jr.
Judge Serge Georges Jr. talks to reporters, Nov. 17, 2020. (WBZ-TV)

Earlier this month, Baker nominated Associate Appeals Court Justice Dalila Argaez Wendlandt to the SJC. If approved, she would be the first Latina to serve on the state's highest court. She would fill the seat held by the late Supreme Judicial Court Chief Justice Ralph Gants who passed away in September.

In late October, Baker nominated Justice Kimberly Budd to replace Gants as the chief of the SJC. If approved, Georges would fill her associate justice seat.

There are six associate justices and a chief justice on the SJC. Each are nominated by the governor and all need to be approved by the Governor's Council.

Current associate justice Barbara Lenk is expected to retire in December.

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