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I-Team: 'Slip 'N Slide' Video At State Police Training Facility Leads To 2 Troopers Relieved Of Duty

BOSTON (CBS) – Two Massachusetts State Police troopers were relieved of duty after a video surfaced showing trainees participating in dangerous behavior.

WBZ-TV's I-Team obtained video of what some are calling the "Slip 'N Slide."

The cell phone video shows several State Police Academy trainees who are in the 86th Recruit Training Troop class in New Braintree.

The video appears to show the trainees emptying a water cooler jug along a dormitory hallway while others watch. Moments later, one of the trainees in shorts with no shirt, wearing a tactical helmet and leg pads slides from one end to the other on the wet floor.

The incident is now under investigation by State police.

State Police Spokesman David Procopio issued a statement on the video.

Department relieved of duty two members for failing to intercede in a potentially unsafe and unofficial activity in which several trainees were engaged. Both Department members had an obligation to end the activity, which had no place or purpose in a professional training setting, and failed to do so. Internal Affairs has opened cases for both sworn members, who will be called to department hearings within the next few days to determine if they will be suspended pending the duration of the internal investigations.

No one was hurt during the incident.

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