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COVID State Of Emergency Ends In Massachusetts

BOSTON (CBS) -- The state of emergency that's been in place in Massachusetts since the start of the coronavirus pandemic more than 15 months ago expired Tuesday. Gov. Charlie Baker decided last month that he would lift the emergency as COVID vaccinations rose and cases fell in the state.

"Effective at 12:01 a.m. on June 15, 2021, the declaration that I issued on March 10, 2020 pursuant to the Civil Defense Act and Section 2A of Chapter 17 of the General Laws is rescinded and the state of emergency initiated by that declaration is terminated," Baker said in an order.

Using his emergency powers, Baker had placed restrictions on businesses in the state and instituted a mask mandate to try and stop the spread of the virus. Those restrictions and the mask mandate ended on May 29.

Baker has issued dozens of emergency orders during the pandemic. The end of the state of emergency means those orders are expiring.

The governor said in May that he picked the June 15 date "to figure out if there are things we need to work with our colleagues in the Legislature to address." Baker has filed legislation to extend a number of emergency orders past June 15, including outdoor dining and COVID billing protections for patients. And a Senate proposal would go even further, giving a lifeline to takeout cocktails for restaurants and early voting by mail for several more months.

Click here for a list of COVID emergency orders issued by Baker.

New Hampshire's State of Emergency ended last week.

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