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Keller @ Large: Joe Kennedy Says Ed Markey Has Been On 'Wrong Side' Of Racial Justice Issues

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Congressman Joe Kennedy told WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller that Sen. Ed Markey has been on "the wrong side" of racial justice issues throughout his political career.

Kennedy and Markey are squaring off in Tuesday's Democratic Massachusetts Senate primary.

WBZ-TV invited both Kennedy and Markey to participate in interviews for Sunday's edition of Keller @ Large. Markey, citing scheduling conflicts, declined.

Kennedy told Keller he does not believe Markey "has the history on racial justice that we need." Keller then asked Kennedy if he believes Markey is a racist.

"I don't think Sen. Markey is a racist Jon, no," Kennedy said. "You hope to serve in times of consequence in this job. Sen. Markey served in times of consequence particularly when it comes to racial justice and he's been on the wrong side over and over again. I think that's important given the importance of this moment. What it shows that in order to get through it, it's not enough to legislate on racial justice. An economic recovery bill is a racial justice bill. A transportation bill is s a racial justice bill. A healthcare bill has to be a racial justice bill. What we've seen is a lack of awareness and commitment from the senator on those topics."

Part 2: Keller @ Large With Joe Kennedy


Kennedy also spoke about how he tries to separate his own campaign from his family's history in politics.

"I try to be very clear with anybody over the course of my prior races that it's me on the ballot," said Kennedy. "If you vote for me because you're hoping to get Bobby Kennedy, or President Kennedy or Teddy, or my dad or someone else, you're getting me for better or worse. It's been very important for me to be able to go out there and make my case, make sure people across the people of my district and now the commonwealth know me for who I am."

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