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Massachusetts doctor and veteran attempt to row from Boston to London for first time in history

Group launches from Boston to row across the Atlantic to London
Group launches from Boston to row across the Atlantic to London 00:28

BOSTON - A Massachusetts veteran and doctor are attempting to row across the Atlantic from Boston to London for the first time in history.

50 day journey

Veteran and rowing record holder Captain Bryan Fuller will lead the trip with First Mate Dr. John Lowry. The duo will be joined by a marketing professional from Virginia, Elizabeth Gilmore, and a mortgage director from Bristol, England, Klara Anstey.

The group launched from Mayor Menino Park in Charlestown and plans to dock near Big Ben in London. This will be the first time anyone has rowed the route.

"Two years ago, I came up with the idea of rowing across the North Atlantic, and I formed a team over the last two years," Fuller continued, "It should take us about 50 days to go 3,200 miles."

The trip is being described as "unsupported" as the group has everything they could need on their 28-foot ocean rowing boat. The boat comes with freeze-dried food, emergency communication gear, and an ocean water filter.

They plan to take turns in pairs while the others sleep in the sleeping quarters. 

Raising money for charity

Fuller, 54, from Brookline, has rowed from the Canary Islands by Morocco to the Caribbean and holds the record for the fastest American to make the crossing. 

He is planning to raise money for Community Rowing in Boston so that veterans can have the chance to enjoy the sport. He credits the program with helping him with his own PTSD.

Lowry, from Spaulding, hopes to raise money for Spaulding Adaptive Sports Rehabilitation Centers, which helps people of all abilities and ages become more active.

The group will be monitored by the Ocean Rowing Society throughout their journey.

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