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Massachusetts Contact Tracing Program Hiring As Coronavirus Cases Rise

BOSTON (CBS) – With COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts rising, the group running the state's contract tracing program is hiring new workers.

There are 40 new contact tracers with Partners in Health and the group is watching the coronavirus numbers closely to see if they will need more.

More than 700 people are reaching out to those who have tested positive for coronavirus, and their close contacts.

Even when the workers can't trace case to the exact point of infection, they are still learning a lot about how the virus spreads.


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Partners in Health also says tracers touch base daily with those in isolation to make sure they have what they need to stay put.

"Once we have spoken, we frequently touch base, making sure they are doing OK physically, mentally,  that they have enough room at home to stay safely away from family members," said Emily Wroe from Partners in Health. "We also watch symptoms so that we know when they stop being infectious so that it is safe to go back out into the world."

On Tuesday state officials said there was a lack of cooperation from some youth hockey programs that were reluctant to give up team rosters.

But according to Partners in Health, this is rare with less than two percent of people refusing to answer questions.

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