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Volunteers From Massachusetts Complete Second Trip To Ukraine Border, Delivering Military And Medical Supplies

BOSTON (CBS) - Ulana Nosal scoops up her whole world - her daughters - in her arms Monday night, after arriving to Logan Airport. Even so, it still feels like part of her heart is so far away.

"Coming back the first time around it was hard to find a balance of coming back to a mom role and work and still being able to support Ukraine," the Walpole mother and realtor recalled.

This was her and Terry Reid's second trip to the Ukrainian border within weeks. And how their mission is growing - they brought 17 bags of military and medical supplies this time, plus more help from Massachusetts.

"I had to do something," said friend Yuri Bukhenik, who was born in Ukraine but lives and works on the South Shore.

While the trio did cross into Ukraine to deliver military protective gear, much of their work was in Poland - at a refugee center serving 125.

"Women, children, grandmothers and a small deaf community. Their main goal right now is feeding them. That's their struggle. They need a lot of help," said Terry Reid of North Attleboro.

They return home humbled by the neighbor that Poland is.

"We witnessed selfless sacrifices that every family is making. They're hosting families, purchasing food for the shelters. Somebody's doing something and it's every single family," Bukhenik said.

And as inspired as ever to keep helping.

"I'm afraid that people are going to start getting tired of the war. It's really important that everybody continues to support Ukraine in any way possible," Nosal added.

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