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Massachusetts Man First In Line For Colorado Cannabis

DENVER (CBS) -- The line to make the first legal purchases of marijuana stretched around the building Wednesday but it was an Iraq War veteran from Boston who made the first buy.

"I'm holding an incubus strain of cannabis call 'Bubba Cush,'" Sean Azzariti of Boston, a former Marine-turned-marijuana-activist, said after making his purchase.

Azzariti helped with the campaign to make the recreational use of marijuana legal in Colorado. He says the drug is among the best treatments for the post-traumatic stress disorder he suffers from after two tours of duty in Iraq.

"It helps alleviate my PTSD," he said.

The medical marijuana law in Massachusetts excludes PTSD as a condition that can be treated with cannabis. As of Wednesday, anyone over the age of 21 in Colorado can legally purchase up to an ounce of marijuana.

"It's a watershed moment as we end marijuana prohibition and move into a more sensible era," Azzariti said of Colorado's decision to legalize cannabis for recreational use.

 WBZ-TV's Bobby Sisk contributed to this report.

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