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Massachusetts Lottery Processes First Remote Ticket Cashing For Big Scratch-Off Wins

BOSTON (CBS) -- It will be easier in the near future to cash in on a big scratch ticket win. The Massachusetts State Lottery said Wednesday that for the first time, a player who won $1,000 was able to claim her prize through the lottery's mobile app.

The remote ticket cashing feature, which is still in the testing phase and not widely available yet, will allow players to claim prizes between $601 to $5,000 through the lottery's app and deposit those winnings in their bank account. Winning tickets of $600 or less will still need to be cashed in at stores in-person.

"Making remote ticket cashing transactions available is a terrific advancement for the Lottery in accommodating our customers," said State Treasurer Deb Goldberg, who chairs the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission. "It has the added benefit of positive environmental impacts as it helps reduce carbon emissions by eliminating a lot of driving and production of paper checks."

The Lottery said Elaine Tellstone, of Blackstone, was the first to claim her prize through the app.

"It was just so simple - it took less than five minutes to scan my ticket and submit my claim," said Tellstone, per the Lottery. "Depending on traffic and how many people were in line, it would've taken about two hours out of my day to claim my prize in person in Worcester."

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