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Massachusetts Exits Getting New Numbers, Based On Mileage

BOSTON (CBS) -- Your exit on the highway may be changing. Massachusetts is set to renumber exits based on mileage.

The move is part of a federal mandate; New Hampshire and Delaware are the only other states who have yet to implement the change. The Bay State risks losing federal funds if it doesn't comply.

The update will be done on a "route-by-route basis," according to MassDOT, starting in western Massachusetts and moving east. New signs will start going up late next summer.

Existing exit numbers will stay up alongside the new mileage-based signs for about two years.

MassDOT said there are several benefits to the change, including making it easier for drivers to calculate the distance to their destination, better emergency response and bringing Massachusetts in line with how almost every other state does exit numbering. The agency said 90% of the project will be paid for with federal funds.

Routes that don't have exit numbers already, like Route 28, won't get new numbers. And numbers will not be changed on the Lowell Connector, Route 213, Interstate 291 and Interstate 391 due to spacing reasons.

MassDOT said it will hold several meetings about the change and plans extensive public outreach.


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