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Massachusetts Now Exempt From Maine's COVID Travel Restrictions

BOSTON (CBS) -- Massachusetts is now on the exempt list of Maine's new travel policy, effective immediately. That means Massachusetts residents do not have to get a COVID test or follow quarantine requirements while visiting Maine.

Connecticut and Rhode also became exempt on Friday. New Hampshire and Vermont were previously exempt.

Other exemptions include anyone who recently had COVID-19 or who is fully vaccinated, regardless of what state they are coming from.

International travel restrictions are still in place.

"Last summer, through its Keep Maine Healthy Program, Maine was one of the first states to implement a test or quarantine requirement, a policy replicated by a substantial number of states. This new plan updates and targets Maine's travel policy through both immediate and long-term updates that reflect changes since last summer, most notably including the introduction of vaccines," said a release from Gov. Janet Mills on Friday.

Massachusetts residents would still need to comply with the state's quarantine policy when they return from Maine though.

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