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Galvin Proposes COVID Vaccines At Massachusetts Voting Sites In Spring

BOSTON (CBS) - Get your COVID-19 vaccine while you vote? Massachusetts Secretary of State Bill Galvin says he's proposed the idea to Gov. Charlie Baker.

Galvin has written a letter to the governor about creating a pilot program that would set up vaccination centers near polling places for upcoming local elections this spring, so that some people could get a shot after casting their ballot.

In Massachusetts, the general public is expected to start getting vaccinations in the spring and summer, but no specific time has been set yet for phase 3. The hope is to begin in April.

However, those over age 65 are part of phase 2 , which is set to begin in February.

"My suggestion would be that adjacent space be prepared for vaccinations with temporary medical personnel for the day to serve defined populations, such as over 75 years of age. Electronic records of the vaccinations could be readily created," Galvin wrote in his letter to Baker.

Several communities have elections in March and April.

There's been no comment yet from Baker's office on the proposal.

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