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Keller @ Large: Would Charlie Baker Roll Back Massachusetts' Coronavirus Reopening?

BOSTON (CBS) – Would Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker roll back the state's reopening plan if there is a resurgence of coronavirus cases this fall?

Craig Sandler, the CEO of State House News, believes the Republican governor is in a position to do exactly that.

Sandler told WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller that he predicts Baker will lower the number of people allowed at gatherings this week as there have been some warning signs in Massachusetts over recent days.

The uptick in cases comes just weeks before college students will be returning to Boston.

"I think then, in the fall, I don't see a path that doesn't lead to a pretty serious problem in Boston and spreading throughout the state for obvious reasons," said Sandler. "And I think Baker is in a political position, which is so much what it's about, to roll back if necessary. And I think he's going to do it. He's not facing re-election. The public is with him. And I think he's going to do it if we do see that catastrophe."

Keller @ Large: Massachusetts Budget Issues


Sandler also discussed the happenings on Beacon Hill, where lawmakers are still working on a budget while facing a deficit of about $8 billion. The state is still not certain what kind of aide will be coming from the federal level.

"In a strange sense it's good that we have a lot of experience unnecessarily delaying our budget passing process. Last year we were the last state in the nation to pass a budget," said Sandler. "Nobody knows what's around the corner. All I know for sure is it's going to get much, much worse. That is to say we haven't seen the real stock market crash from this crisis I don't think."

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