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Massachusetts Arcades Allowed To Reopen Thursday

SALEM (CBS) – Arcades are allowed to reopen across Massachusetts Thursday. The new order went into effect just after midnight.

Arcades were originally set to reopen in Phase four but Governor Charlie Baker changed course last week after a lawsuit was filed by Bit Bar in Salem.

"We're a destination. People come to Bit Bar for our games. And without the games, it's much less appealing to come out," Bit Bar president Gideon Coltof told WBZ-TV.

Bit Bar accused the administration of violating their rights to reopen while letting casinos operate with slot machines.

"it's unfortunate that it came to this, but finally I'm happy we were able to finally push it through and make it happen," Coltof said.

The owners of Bit Bar say even though the order was announced last week they didn't find out the new regulations until Wednesday. Now they're working on last-minute adjustments as they get ready to welcome back guests.

"We want to make sure people can come back here, and start feeling like, 'Alright, the world isn't over. 2020, one star, do not recommend.' But hopefully, we can bring it up a little bit to maybe 1.5." Coltof said.

Some of the safety precautions include extra sanitization, increased space and barriers between video games.

Coltof said they've only been earning about 20-percent of their revenue and they hope this will lead to a boost in business.

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