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Man Stopped School Bus On Mass Pike Because Windows Looked 'Suspicious'

NEWTON (CBS) – Massachusetts State Police said the man who was caught on dashboard camera jumping onto the hood of a school bus in the middle of the Mass Pike is now facing charges.

Raw Video: Man Jumps Onto School Bus In Middle Of Mass Pike

Kevin Crowe, 42, of Dorchester, said he did it because of the bus's windows. "Because the bus had dark tinted windows on the side which I found to be very suspicious on a school bus for children," Crowe told WBZ.

Mass Pike Bus Video
Massachusetts State Police say a man jumped on the hood of a school bus in the middle of the Mass Pike. (Image Credit: Joe Rizoli)

There were no kids on the bus. The bus driver, Joe Rizoli, had no clue why this stranger was doing this. First Crowe slowed down in front of him, then came to complete stop, forcing the Rizoli to hit the brakes in the center travel lane near Exit 16 in Newton on Tuesday.

"He starts to climb on the bus, and then I point to the camera, 'I say I'm recording you!'" Rizoli said. "His tirade is 'Why does your bus have dark windows?'"

Crowe said he thought the dark windows could endanger a child on the bus. "Because the bus driver or any other person on the bus could be harming that child unbeknownst to anybody who is outside of the bus," Crowe said.

Crowe eventually took off after he said he was satisfied that no one was in danger, but police later tracked him down thanks to the dashcam video. He now faces charges that include disorderly conduct and the State Police want his license taken away.

"It was a logical action and if it's a crime then I'm sure I'll have to face whatever criminal penalties there are for that," Crowe said.

Crowe was summonsed on charges of negligent operation of a motor vehicle, disorderly conduct, failure to use care in stopping, and marked lane violations.

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