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Mass. Group Hopes Congress Acts On Pope's Climate Message

BOSTON (CBS) - They are a small group, standing together on the steps of Boston College's St. Ignatius Church and standing with Pope Francis.

Cara McPhillips is a BC student, who says Pope Francis is changing the Catholic Church for the better.

Cara says, "I think he's great, so open and honest and liberal in the sense and that speaks to people my age. You usually don't have such a young following for a pope."

Like his stance on climate change and his call for action, which was the topic at the gathering Wednesday night.

Mass. Interfaith Power and Light wants to send the pope's message about climate change right to congress on the night before he speaks to them.

Vince Maraventano with Mass Interfaith Power and Light says, "people in the United States understand climate change is real and it's caused by human conduct, but they are not aware of the harm it's causing on the poor."

Dawn Tesorero says, "I'm thrilled that Pope Francis is opening people's eyes and I'm praying that he's opening people's ears and listening to his speech and listening to his call to action on climate change."

This was one of 30 vigils across the country with the same goal: To make the pope's U.S. trip much more than simply one of excitement and parades but real action on serious world issues.

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