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Mashpee TikToker Anthony Varela Goes Viral After Reading Messages In Neighborhood Facebook Groups

MASHPEE (CBS) -- A Mashpee native has gone viral on TikTok, breaking down the drama on local Facebook groups.

Anthony Varela posted a video on TikTok last week about an angry discussion on a page for Plymouth residents, and since then, it has racked up nearly four million views and hundreds of comments.

The massive response gave Varela an idea.

What if he created a Facebook page specifically for sharing those crazy stories?

So that's what he did, calling the group, "The Town Facebook Group Ridiculousness". Ten thousand people across the country joined and started sharing the best-of-the-worst posts from their neighborhood pages.

And while this started as a good laugh, Varela hopes it turns into an important lesson about kindness.

"You'd think something like a global pandemic would bring about unity, similar to like what 9/11 did. But it has had like the opposite effect almost, where there is more division, more conflict and hostility with our country," said Varela "And I feel like the best medicine for that is laughter and humor, and to like step back and take a look and be like, 'Guys, we're really coming at each other and we need to come together. Like, let's not take things too seriously.'"

Varela plans to continue his TikTok series, with the best-shared posts in his new Facebook group.

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