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Mary Shertenlieb Returns Home

BOSTON (CBS) - The Shertenlieb household is whole once again be whole.

After spending more than a month receiving treatment for -- and beating -- a rare form of Leukemia, Mary Shertenlieb is finally home.

Rich and Mary Shertenlieb
Rich and Mary Shertenlieb leave Beth Israel Hospital. (Photo by WBZ's Chris Gobeille)

It's been 35 days since Mary, the wife of 98.5 The Sports Hub's Rich Shertenlieb of the Toucher & Rich Show, checked in to the hospital to begin her battle with AML. Cancer was in 80-percent of her body, but after a rigorous round of chemotherapy, Mary was cancer-free in just 16 days. She's had to stay in the hospital while she regained her strength, counting down the days when she could finally return home.

That day finally arrived on Wednesday.

"I am jacked out of my mind, I can't wait," Rich said on-air Wednesday morning. "She said it's like Christmas times one-million."

Mary finally gets to see her two sons, Max and Hank, who she has not seen since being admitted to the hospital. She'll also get to start eating normal food again, something she's been looking forward to since her treatment began.

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Support for the Shertenlieb's has come from everywhere, and the family credits all the thoughts and prayers -- along with the hard-working doctors -- for helping Mary tackle the disease. Just this week, the Boston Bruins sent her a "M. Shertenlieb #13" jersey.

Mary's battle is long from over, as trips to and overnight stays at the hospital are still in order throughout the summer. But she's finally home, and finally gets to see her children after her long battle.

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