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Marshfield Teen Reels In Giant Tuna

MARSHFIELD (CBS) - Since the time he could walk, Anthony Tavares has had a fishing rod in his hands. Now that he's 14, he usually shows up his teacher - his dad. "He always catches either the bigger fish, or more fish than me," said Phil Tavares. "So it's not surprising."

The kid has always dreamed of catching a giant tuna. Then, the other day, 15 miles off of Marshfield, Anthony hooked a 630 pound bluefin tuna. And the 138 pound kid didn't back off.

"My heart was like in my stomach! I had butterflies, I was just so happy," said Anthony.

Anthony Tavares
Anthony Tavares standing next to bluefin tuna (Photo credit: E Gene Chambers)

He landed the fish, but not before his hands were covered in blisters.

"I was not going to give up," Anthony said. "It got to the boat really quick and as soon as it saw the boat it just went right down and took a bunch of line out. It was just crazy."

What does a fishing-addicted kid do when he grows up? "I want to be a commercial fisherman," he said. "Probably here or in Florida."

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