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Nor'easter batters Marshfield with wind and waves

Nor'easter batters Marshfield with wind and waves
Nor'easter batters Marshfield with wind and waves 02:30

MARSHFIELD - Heavy winds and high tides battered the South Shore Tuesday as a March nor'easter rolled in. Flood warnings are in effect in Marshfield through Wednesday.

One major area of concern is Brant Rock. "Once you're here, you might be stuck here for a while," said Faith Dernier, one of the managers at the Fairview Inn.

The Inn has seen its fair share of nor'easters along the coast.

"A lot of people love to storm watch, and it's a great place to do it, to sit and watch the waves," said Dernier.

Locals came to weather the storm at The Grill at the Fairview Inn, watching the high tides while staying dry.

"I live in Plymouth, so I don't get to see the ocean that often unless I drive there. Here, we are having lunch and visiting," said Mary Jo Cunningham of Plymouth. Cunningham and her friend enjoyed the afternoon inside while winds and tides picked up just outside.

"It comes over and floods the entire center," described Dernier when telling WBZ about the waves crashing over the seawall.

Marshfield nor'easter
Waves crash against the seawall in Marshfield during a March nor'easter CBS Boston

With one main road in and out of Brant Rock, she chose to have some staff members stay home to avoid getting stuck.

"We get concerned for our staff, so we went down to a skeletal crew so it's safe," Dernier said.

Winds ranged between 25 and 45 miles per hour during the day in Marshfield.

Residents not enjoying the stormy coastal views from the Inn, still chose to stay inside.

"It's fun to stand in my window and watch it when it comes over the wall," said Mary Lalli of Marshfield.

Shawn Murphy brought his daughters to the seawall to watch the waves crash from his car. "It's getting there, it's pretty messy," he told WBZ.

A small handful of power outages were reported in towns including Marshfield, Scituate, Wareham and Falmouth.  

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