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Marshfield Man Has Gift For Solving Giant Jigsaw Puzzles

MARSHFIELD (CBS) - If life were a puzzle then Jack Brait would certainly know how to solve all of its broken pieces. He just completed a giant Disney mural consisting of 40,320 puzzle pieces. "I did this all by myself for 80 days, 11 weeks and 423 hours total," Brait said.

The 20-year-old from Marshfield has autism, but he also has a gift. "My autism helps me put the pieces together because my mind looks at the image a lot and connects the pieces all together," Brait said.

Jack Brait
Jack Brait completed a giant Disney mural puzzle (WBZ-TV)

He first started building puzzles when he was just three years old. "It makes me feel happy, calm and fun. It's challenging because of my disability," Brait said.

The incredible display of Disney's Memorable Moments was his greatest challenge yet. He started with four puzzle boards.

"The hardest one is Fantasia. It took me seven days and 53 hours," Brait said.

Jack Brait
Jack Brait (WBZ-TV)

Brait says every hour spent on it was worth it. The entire mural is six feet wide and 22 feet long. Jack hopes his masterpiece will inspire other people with disabilities to achieve their dreams. "Although I have a disability I can still do many things," Brait said.

This is actually his second mural puzzle. He created a 30,000-piece puzzle, which he later donated to his school. Today he believes he is the first in the country to solve two of these giant size mural puzzles by himself.

"I'm the first American born person to complete more than two of the biggest puzzles in the world," Brait said.

Brait says he hopes one day to donate this masterpiece and take on an even bigger challenge.

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