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Police search for suspect who robbed Marshfield liquor store at gunpoint

Police search for suspect who robbed Marshfield liquor store at gunpoint
Police search for suspect who robbed Marshfield liquor store at gunpoint 01:58

MARSHFIELD - Marshfield Police are looking for a suspect in a rare and terrifying broad daylight armed robbery. Police said the robbery happened Friday just before 1 p.m. at Jogi's Liquors. 

The owners say it was the first time in 32 years the store has been held up, and the robbery was captured on store surveillance video. 

The clerks who lived through it in real life say a robber pointed a gun to their faces and forced them to the ground. 

One of the clerks who was forced to the ground said right before the robbery, a masked man with dark glasses and gloves had been casing the aisles to make sure no one was there. They say then the suspect made his move, holding them at gunpoint while cleaning out the cash register.

The suspect is seen on video kicking the clerks on this way out. 

"I'm really scared at that time, blood high pressure you know. I'm really scared," said store clerk Andy Patel. 

Marshfield robbery
Armed robbery at Jogis Liquors in Marshfield CBS Boston

Marshfield police say they can't remember having an armed robbery like that in two decades. 

In all, the robbery lasted about 50 seconds. Police don't know if the suspect is from the area or what his motive was, but if anyone spots him, they should not approach the person.

"It's unique for us, this is a beach community. This doesn't happen in Marshfield," said Sgt. Kevin Morris. "I wouldn't approach this person but they should contact Marshfield Police if they know any information if they know what happened." 

The owners are immigrants from India who came to New England for a better life; they were not expecting this. 

"It's never happened before so I'm thinking it's a customer," said Patel. "It's really bad, really bad." 

Police say they searched the area with K9s and so far, no luck. 

The owners hope the man is caught soon to restore their sense of peace. 

Anyone with information is asked to call Marshfield Police at 781-834-6655 

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