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Disabled Marlboro Veteran Devastated After Thieves Steal Personal Items

BOSTON (CBS) – Sixty-six-year-old Gene Rano is furious. The U.S. Army veteran says earlier this month he had to have emergency surgery. While he was in the hospital someone robbed his house on Lakeshore Drive in Marlboro.

"Other than being violated what's going through my mind? I hope the good lord catches up to them before I do," Rano said.

The suspect stole two laptops, a desktop computer, his television, jewelry and his home safe containing $5,000. No arrests have been made.

"How can someone be that low to rob an elderly disabled veteran," Rano said.

Rano says what hurts the most are the pictures he lost of his family, including his daughter Melissa Gene who passed away when she was only 12 years old.

"It's so devastating. My life was in those computers. Photos of my children and my grandchildren," Rano said.

The $5,000 stolen from his home safe was to help pay for his son's wedding.

Gene Rano
Gene Rano of Marlboro. (WBZ-TV)

Rano has a simple message to the thieves broke into the back door.

"Please return my computers," Rano said.

Rano is not taking this lightly and thanks to some generous donors they plan to install a high-tech security system with multiple cameras he can view on his cell phone.

Steve Fassenhour is with American Patriots 3 percent, a non-profit organization that depends on donations to help those in need - specifically veterans.

Rano, who has a very tough time getting around, is overcome by the support he received.

His neighbor even set up an online fundraising page.

"It shows people have compassion for veterans and seniors and I thinking with your hearts," Rano said.

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