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Market Basket Protesters: 'We Will Work For No Other CEO'

BOSTON (CBS) - Market Basket associates and customers calling for the return of ousted CEO Arthur T. DeMoulas said on Saturday that their demand is non-negotiable, even if the company is sold.

The board said on Friday following a closed-door meeting that they were considering offers from DeMoulas and others to buy the company.

In a statement on the Save Market Basket Facebook page, organizers said DeMoulas "must be reinstated with full authority as president of DSM."

"This has been and will continue to be non-negotiable. We also want to be clear in our message to any other potential buyer that we will work for no other CEO," they said.

The protests began on July 18, and have left many store shelves empty. Many customers have vowed to boycott the supermarket.

"As far as I am concerned, we're out here until Artie T. comes back," said Market Basket worker Steve Poste.

Other workers said they believe they will survive the battle for the company.

"We're hopeful that everything is going to be OK and that we are still going to remain open and that everything will go back to normal soon," said Market Basket worker Karina Matos.

Meanwhile, customers are caught in the middle.

"It's hard because even people that have kids, that have a family come here because other stores can be expensive," said Market Basket customer Mattie Skelton.


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