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Cookies Honoring Martin Richard Draw Mark Wahlberg To Quincy Bakery

QUINCY (CBS) – Mark Wahlberg made a surprise visit to workers at a Quincy bakery.

What drew him there? Sweet treats created in memory of a life lost during the Marathon bombings.

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They are cookies inspired by the message of Martin Richard, the youngest victim. The owner of the bakery created the cookies and then discovered she had a special connection to the Richard family.

"I was actually at the Marathon. It was so tragic. Everyone's heart was broken," says Beth Veneto, the owner of Ginger Betty's Bakery in Quincy.

Giner Betty's Cookies
Ginger Betty's Bakery in Quincy. (WBZ-TV)

Wanting to do something, Veneto started making peace cookies and selling them to raise money for the Martin Richard Foundation.

"Just a round cookie, with the peace sign and a little heart and an 'M' for Martin," she describes.

Martin Richard Cookie
A cookie from a Quincy bakery honors Martin Richard. (WBZ-TV)

It was after the tragedy that Beth realized the Richard family had been customers, and that she had baked Martin's first Communion cake.

"It's amazing how you, kind of, come together. You know, that I felt so compelled to work and do something with the family and this little boy. Yeah, it was meant to be," said Veneto.

The business has expanded this year, also selling "Patriots Day" cookies, because Mark Wahlberg and company were filming the movie about the Boston Marathon bombings right down the street from the bakery.

Wednesday night bakery employees got a surprise visitor when Wahlberg stopped by.

"He came in and spent some time, gave out a few hugs, thank you's. Everybody was really happy," Veneto told WBZ-TV.

Ginger Betty's has raised about $14,000 for the Martin Richard Foundation. People from the bakery also give out several hundred cookie "medals" to Marathon runners.

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