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'Troubling Pattern Of Behavior': Marblehead Shifting To Remote Learning After Students Attend House Party

MARBLEHEAD (CBS) – Marblehead High School is shifting to fully remote learning through at least November 9 after students attended a house party.

Superintendent of Schools John Buckey said police discovered the party "wherein young people were gathered together without social distancing or face coverings, sharing drinks and generally ignoring the standards our community has set to manage COVID-19."

As a result, the high school will shift to remote learning until November 6. If there are no cases identified during that time, hybrid learning will resume on November 9. If cases are identified, Buckey said the district "may need to reassess."

Parents and guardians of students who attended the party and of students who had contact with party attendees are asked to bring children for testing and require them to quarantine.

In addition, Buckey said families of party attendees should also quarantine, including siblings who attend other Marblehead schools. Buckey said quarantining is "voluntary but strongly encouraged."

Buckey said that while weighing if the school should shift to remote learning, school officials factored in that it was not an isolated incident.

"We weighed the risks and benefits to our students, staff and the community. We also acknowledged that while today's discussion centered around one house party, we are aware that this is not, in fact, a singular event," Buckey said. "There is a troubling pattern of behavior in play, which can be seen across our community."

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