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Marathon Scarf Project Knits For This Year's Runners

BOSTON (CBS) -- Reverend Nancy Taylor has mended broken spirits at Old South Church on Boylston.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Laurie Kirby reports



"I can't imagine a more perfect backdrop for this story," said Taylor.  The rafters of this "church at the finish line," rocked by bombs one year ago, were filled music, not sirens, as people stopped to pray and heal.

Dr. Taylor said she is moved by the community she serves.  "We have people tending to it who are literally physically damaged and are healing and learning to live with a different body, people who escaped and are still breathing sighs of relief and so thrilled that they are well.  This is what we are called to do and we do it with music and candle-lighting and prayers and scarves."

The scarves Taylor described are gifts for the 2014 Marathon Runners.  They were sent here from Uruguay, India, and every U.S ZIP code.

The Marathon Scarf Project was started by two members of the Old South Church, and thanks to the Internet, the movement went viral.   "Every scarf is knitted with love and courage," said Taylor

Sheila Randolph, a church receptionist, knit a blue and yellow one for an athlete. "It's just a simple scarf, I'm just learning to crochet," laughed Randolph.  She and the other knitters included personal messages of support for the runners.  Randolph wished the random runner love and peace.

Some runners will receive not only a scarf, but also a blessing for safety at the church on Easter Sunday. The Blessing of the Athletes is an annual tradition.

The Marathon Scarf Project is just one of the many charitable organizations that developed after last year's attacks.

"Never ever underestimate the charitable impulse of the American people," said Attorney Ken Feinberg, former One Fund Administrator.  "And I think that One-Fund Boston is a perfect example of the ' communitarian ethic,' how a nation as one, rallies around victims of tragedy. I think it is a wonderful and very honorable example of what we do as the American people. "



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