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Map JFK Used During Cuban Missile Crisis Sold At Auction

BOSTON (AP) — A map of Cuba that President John F. Kennedy referred to during the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 has sold at auction for nearly $140,000.

The historic map that Kennedy called his "victory map " was sold by Boston-based RR Auction during an auction that ended Wednesday.

JFK's 'secret' doomsday map revealed
The 1962 map shows nine potential US targets in Cuba. (Courtesy RR Auction via CNN)

The map shows the position of every Soviet missile, bomber and fighter jet, and nuclear storage facility in Cuba as of noon, October 27, 1962, and includes the nine targets that American planes would have bombed had Kennedy ordered air strikes on the island.

The map is marked "Secret" in the lower left and upper right corners.

The buyer and seller remained anonymous, but the seller said they were given it about 20 years ago by Robert McNamara, secretary of defense during the crisis.

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