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Sheepish Suspect: Dashboard Camera Shows Pursuit Of 'Evasive Ovine'

MANSFIELD (CBS) – Police officers came up empty in their pursuit of a suspect described as an "evasive ovine" that was roaming through a Mansfield neighborhood.

The department shared dashboard camera showing what they called a "dramatic pursuit" of a sheep on the loose.

"The suspect ultimately slipped through our fingers, but we wanted to share this heart-stopping footage with you all," Mansfield Police said in the light-hearted Facebook post.

The sheep escaped from the New England Rodeo on Friday. It was last seen headed into the woods in the area of Essex and Ware Streets.

"She is most likely tired and scared," police said.

Anyone who sees the sheep should call the rodeo at (508) 858-1102.

Mansfield Police Chase Video

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