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Man Who Caught Missed Field Goal Hopes To Raise Money For Friend's Son

FOXBORO (CBS) - The man who caught Billy Cundiff's missed field goal at Sunday's AFC Championship Game is hoping to raise scholarship money for a 1-year-old boy whose father recently died.

Dr. Terry Oder, of West Hartford, Connecticut and formerly of Gloucester, said he and his buddies were at the game in honor of their friend, 45-year-old Gloucester Police Officer Aaron Patrican, who passed away unexpectedly of an acute heart infection a few weeks ago.

Oder managed to catch Cundiff's kick with 11 seconds to go in Sunday's game.

"I can't help but think…he had something to do with sending that ball our way. Maybe Myra Kraft was involved as well, but it doesn't make any sense with 68,000 people in the stadium, the ball's coming to us," Oder said.

Now, he wants to use the ball as a way to raise money for a scholarship fund for his friend's 1-year-old son, Thomas.

"(Patrican) left behind a one-year-old son who has virtually no resources whatsoever. His extended family does not have any resources. The mother of the child is a Brazilian immigrant who does not have any significant resources," said Oder.

If he can raise $50,000 for the boy, he will donate the ball back to the Patriots.

"I would like to give it to the Patriots as a good luck charm for the Super Bowl," said Oder. "All we're doing is asking Patriots fans if they have... some compassion for this child, just to send a small donation."

Aaron Patrican, Terry Oder
Terry Oder (left), with Aaron Patrician, who died unexpectedly a few weeks ago. (Photo credit: Terry Oder)

Dr. Oder said the ball has a lot of significance to him, but feels it would be better to be able to help his friend's family than keep the ball.

"Nothing would make me happier than if I could do that," said Oder.

To donate to the scholarship fund:

Thomas Patrican Scholarship Fund
Rockport National Bank
c/o Kelly Kirkman
16 Main Street
Rockport, MA 01966

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