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Man Allegedly Robbed Homes Of Families At Funeral Services

WRENTHAM (CBS) - A Wrentham woman, whose home was broken into during a funeral, hopes other local families were spared her same pain.

Maryfrances Randall recently lost her dad Daniel McIsaac; the proud veteran was buried Memorial Day weekend. During the service, Randall's home security system went off - someone had tried to get inside. She and her husband quickly thought to call Franklin Police, too - fearing her dad's home had also been targeted.

Maryfrances Randall. (WBZ-TV)

Fortunately, the couple had removed many of McIsaac's valuables from his Franklin condo. There, police found Daniel Lennon, of Stoughton, allegedly with a list of addresses - homes of other people who'd lost loved ones and would be attending services.

"No one should have to go through that. It's almost like the saddest day of your life. You're not even celebrating their life and grieving like you should... it's like you get robbed and your family member gets robbed of that appreciation on their special day," Randall said.

Daniel Lennon. (Photo Credit: Franklin Police Department)

Lennon was arrested and held on $50,000 cash bail over the weekend. He was arraigned in the Wrentham District Court on the new charges and a warrant for outstanding charges by the United States Marshal's Office. He was charged with the following offenses for crimes committed in the Town of Franklin: possession of burglarious instrument; disorderly conduct; breaking and entering for misdemeanor; malicious/wanton damage to property; possession of a class E substance.

"The outcome was the best you could ask for. Nobody got hurt, nothing much got taken, and he got caught... We were joking it was my dad. He would not have liked his privacy being invaded," Randall said.

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