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Man Playing Pokemon Go Finds Dead Body In NH

NASHUA, NH (CBS) – Domenick Thambash and his friends wandered near Salmon Brook in Nashua with their heads bent toward their phones searching for virtual Pokemon GO discoveries.

He was surprised at what a player found early in the afternoon.

"I think it's pretty crazy," said Thambash.

Nashua Police said a man playing the game at the Holocaust Memorial on Main Street looked into the brook and saw a real body. He called 911 and officers rushed over. Police were still wrapping their heads around it.

"I don't know much about the Pokemon game, but apparently he was looking in obscure places for the game," said Lt. Robert Giggi, Nashua Police.

Brush and trees hide most of the brook. Doug Singer plays the geo-scavenger game and understands why it was a Pokemon GO player who found the body.

"The game gets them outside and walking around in a lot of places people wouldn't normally be going," said Singer.

The game directs players to places of public interest like monuments or even bodies of water to collect virtual items. Singer is not surprised players' discoveries have crossed over from virtual to real.

"It's not surprising the things people are finding because the game brings people out," said Singer.

Nashua Police said they were notifying the dead man's family, and his death is not considered suspicious.

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