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Man Found Dead After Fire In Chelsea

CHELSEA (CBS) – A man was found dead hours after firefighters battled flames at two homes in Chelsea Friday night.

Firefighters thought they had everyone out of the home on Watts Street Friday evening. When they were able to finally go through the homes again, they found the unidentified man's body.

When firefighters initially arrived they were told two people were unaccounted for, but say they found no one inside the green building or neighboring triple decker on Highland Street.

chelsea fire
Firefighters at home on Highland Street in Chelsea (WBZ-TV)

"When we did our primary search and secondary search everything came up negative," said Chelsea Fire Deputy Chief John Quatieri.

It wasn't until the flames were extinguished and firefighters went through again that they made the discovery.

Chelsea fire
A house on Watts Street and another on Highland Street in Chelsea were damaged by fire (WBZ-TV)

"When we spoke to the family members after we had control of the fire we were able to account for everybody except for one individual who they had not seen for three or four days and it was their belief he was not home," Quatieri said.

One man says the victim was his roommate. He did not work and would drift in and out of the home, which is why no one knew he was around.

Chelsea Fire
A firefighter battles flames after a fatal fire in Chelsea (WBZ-TV)

Firefighters say the fire started in the back of the first floor, close to where the man's body was found. The fire quickly spread to the neighboring triple decker on Highland Street.

More than 30 people lived in the two buildings. Investigators say it is too early in the investigation to say how the fire started or how the man died.

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