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Man Accused Of Animal Abuse In Quincy Says He's The Victim

BOSTON (CBS) – The owner of 12 dogs taken from a dilapidated Quincy house last week describes himself as the victim. David Aristide says his dogs are being held in limbo.

"I'm totally heartbroken," Aristide says. "My dogs have been my companions for years."

But twelve of Aristide's dogs are at the Quincy Animal Shelter after police took them out of the basement his house. But he says he did nothing wrong.

"I go to the property every day, morning and night," Aristide says. "I clean any droppings from the dogs. I pick up any urine. I have all fresh pine shavings on the floor."

But authorities say the dogs were kept in squalor. They describe the dogs as being caked with dirt and feces. They say urine was all over the basement floor and there did not appear to be any food or water.

David Aristide
Home where 12 dogs were seized in Quincy. (WBZ-TV)

Aristide says that's not so and that he had been there the night before and taken care of the animals.

"It's crazy," he says. "It has no merit. My dogs are physically perfect. They're beautiful dogs."

He also points to a report by an MSPCA agent who inspected the basement two months ago and found the dogs in good condition. But Quincy Police say that was not the case last week.

Aristide is now charged with twelve counts of animal cruelty.

"Every day I lived those dogs," he says. "They're a big part of my life."

Aristide says he thinks Quincy authorities overreacted and took the dogs because neighbors had repeatedly complained about barking at all times of the day.

Seven more of his dogs have been seized from his Mansfield condo and though he faces no charges there, the town may put those dogs up for adoption.



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