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Malden Plays April Fools' Day Prank On Residents

MALDEN (CBS) - The city of Malden announced a new plan Monday morning to combat dirt laden snow banks and unsightly piles of snow.

In a message to residents on the city's website, residents were told to shovel their snow piles into insulated yard-waste bags and the city would collect one bag per week.

The only problem for snow-weary residents?

It was all an April Fools' joke, carrying on a tradition at city hall.

Last year, the city said it was putting city hall on stilts so residents could drive their cars underneath it.

"Right away on this one people got it and gave us the bravo," Ron Cochran, communications director for the mayor's office told WBZ NewsRadio 1030.

"I think folks have had it up to here with this winter and they were happy to see  this," Cochran said. "The mayor did stress we are a serious administration but every once in a while we have fun."

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