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Malcolm Butler Has Heated Pre-Game Exchange With Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh

BOSTON (CBS) -- Malcolm Butler has added another disagreement with an NFL head coach to his resume. The Tennessee Titans cornerback had some words with Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh on Sunday, leading to an animated scene before the two teams squared off in Week 11.

As the Titans and the Ravens took the field prior to Sunday's game, Butler began jawing with Harbaugh at mid-field. Butler had a lot to say, and it kind of looked like he wanted to throw down with the head coach.

The two were separated shortly after the spat began:

Patriots fans know very well that Butler is a fiery competitor, and though we are still in the dark as to why he was on the bench for Super Bowl LII, speculation is it had something to do with a disagreement with head coach Bill Belichick.

Harbaugh isn't known for his calm demeanor, so if he and Butler have had some beef simmering, it's no shock that it came to a boil on Sunday. Maybe it had something to do with the Titans standing on the Baltimore logo, since the Titans are known to stand on logos before games.

Harbaugh also had no desire for post-game pleasantries with Titans head coach Mike Vrabel after Tennessee won 30-24 in overtime.

Unfortunately the two teams won't meet again during the regular season. Let's hope they cross paths in the playoffs, when a lot more is on the line.


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