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After Maine shooter's death, victim's wife says she will now focus on healing

After Maine shooter's death, victim's wife says she will now focus on healing
After Maine shooter's death, victim's wife says she will now focus on healing 02:10

LEWISTON, Maine - A wave of relief washed over the state of Maine on Friday as residents realized the threat was over after gunman Robert Card was found dead.

However, questions remain for law enforcement officers and the families of the victims of the mass shootings.

Lyz Seal says she's experiencing a wave of emotions. "It has been a nightmare we are still processing this situation and it does not feel real," Seal said. 

Her husband Josh Seal was one of the 18 people killed on Wednesday in Lewiston, Maine. It's a profound loss for the deaf community. Josh was one of four deaf people killed while playing cornhole at Schemengees Bar and Grille. He leaves behind his wife Lyz and their four children ages 12, 9, 6 and 3-years-old. 

Lyz and Josh Seal
Lyz and Josh Seal Family photo

"Cherish the time that you have with family and friends because you never know when your last moment will be. I am grateful my last moments with Josh was a good kiss and have a nice day," Seal said. 

Lyz says she has mixed feelings of how it all ended for the shooter. 

"I wanted him to be found alive in some ways to find out what the rationale was behind that, you know his actions, but we're not going to have to go through that whole court process of trial, knowing that it is not a fast process and not just for me but thinking about all the families that would have to revisit this tragedy over and over so it's good that they found his body in that way, so we start can start processing our healing journey," she said. 

Josh just turned 36 last month and had so much more to give. One of the things the family would love is to see the camp he started two years ago for deaf people, Dirigo Experience, to continue so his legacy will live on. 

"The children who are deaf and hard of hearing, they needed to have something for these kids to grow and connect. If there are individuals who are wondering how to support, we'd like to continue that camp in honor of the work he did there," she said. 

Lewiston Police Chief David St. Pierre said the investigation is far from over. "I just don't want to forget the families that are grieving and continue to grieve," he said. "I don't want to forget the law enforcement officials who have worked tirelessly throughout this whole event."

Ed Davis, WBZ- TV security analyst, said the investigation into Card's actions is just beginning. "You always have to rule out whether there was someone else involved. There's no indication of that here, but when you process a scene like this, you need to look at it from zero, as if you have no evidence up to that point and then just build on that," he said.

While police continue to investigate, many will focus on remembering the 16 men and two women lost in the shooting, with vigils beginning to be organize around the state.

Maine Governor Janet Mills said in a press conference, "His death may not bring solace to many, but now is a time to heal."

The Boston FBI are offering their support to the victims and their families. The FBI's Victim Services Response Team will be at the Lewiston Family Assistance Center, 65 Central Ave., Lewiston, Maine. The team includes specially-trained FBI victim specialists, agents and analysts from around the country who deploy after a crisis to provide assistance to victims and their families.

For the larger community, a support center will be set up at the Ramada Inn at 490 Pleasant St., Lewiston, Maine.

"As these things evolve, we have an investigation, and now this will slowly evolve over to a wellness and a resiliency conversation for the community and for the victims and others," Maine Commissioner of Public Safety Michael Sauschuck said during a press conference on Saturday.

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