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Inspired By Superhero, Lynn Man Uses Machete To Detain Armed Intruders

LYNN (CBS) - A Lynn man turned the table on two armed men inside in his home when he scared them off with a machete.

"It's all just what it represents," said Evan Luongo.

Surrounded by his Batman collection, Evan Luongo lives and breathes his superhero's ideals.

"Try to be prepared for any situation you can," said Luongo. That certainly was the case when two people broke into his Lynn home on Monday evening.

Luongo said he was in bed when he heard glass shatter. "My intuition said just get the stupid machete you keep under your bed," said Luongo.

In the hallway he realized an intruder was in his office. "I turn the knob, kick the door, had the machete already up like this and said 'who are you?'" said Luongo.

Evan Luongo
Evan Luongo with his Batman collection (WBZ-TV)

Police said in the room was a 16-year old from Malden and 19-year-old Adelson Fedna from Medford. Luongo said the older one pulled a knife.

"I did like that motion that guys do when you kind of puff your chest, and I was like, 'dude, are we doing this? Then we're doing this," said Luongo. "He just cried out, don't hurt me don't hurt me.'"

Adelson Fedna
Adelson Fedna accused of breaking into Lynn home (Image from Lynn PD)

The younger boy had what looked to be a gun pointed at the floor; it turned out to be a BB gun. Luongo had both kick over their weapons.

"In my underwear with my machete," said Luongo. "They are not looking at me at all. I think they were trying to find their happy place."

He called police. While guarding the two, he tried to talk some sense into them.

Evan Luongo
Evan Luongo (WBZ-TV)

"Maybe my ranting and raving about how they're wasting their potential might click in," said Luongo.

He said he is grateful no one was hurt, and he attributes that to the ideals he tries emulating.

"Batman, quite frankly that a human can do anything if they set their to mind to it," said Luongo.

Lynn police said the burglars were supposedly in the neighborhood to buy pot and they broke into a random house. They are now charged with armed burglary.

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