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Mac Jones Update: Pats' Quarterback Still Leading Rookies After Silent Night Vs. Bills

BOSTON (CBS) -- As a passer, Mac Jones basically had an extra bye week. On a cold, extremely windy night in Buffalo, the rookie QB threw just three total passes in the Patriots' unique 14-10 victory over the Bills.

That was by design. For one, the conditions were not favorable to passing. (Josh Allen was 15-for-30 for Buffalo, well off his 66.8 percent completion rate on the season heading into the game.) Secondly, the run game was effective, with Damien Harris, Rhamondre Stevenson and Brandon Bolden combining for 213 yards on 37 carries.

As a result, the Patriots won. Jones notched another mark in his win column, even though his arm wasn't needed in this particular case.

So, with Jones essentially giving the rest of the rookie class a week to gain some ground on him ahead of his bye week, here's a look at where Jones ranks among the five first-round quarterbacks in all relevant passing statistics through Week 13.

Mac Jones, 13
Trevor Lawrence, 12
Justin Fields, 8
Zach Wilson, 8
Trey Lance, 1

Mac Jones, 270
Trevor Lawrence, 247
Zach Wilson, 141
Justin Fields, 115
Trey Lance, 25

Mac Jones, 70.3%
Justin Fields, 58.1%
Trevor Lawrence, 58.0%
Zach Wilson, 58.0%
Trey Lance, 52.1%

Mac Jones, 2,869
Trevor Lawrence, 2,514
Zach Wilson, 1,540
Justin Fields, 1,361
Trey Lance, 354

Mac Jones, 16
Trevor Lawrence, 9
Zach Wilson, 6
Justin Fields, 4
Trey Lance, 3

Trey Lance, 1
Justin Fields, 8
Mac Jones, 8
Trevor Lawrence, 10
Zach Wilson, 11

Mac Jones, 97.0
Trey Lance, 88.4
Trevor Lawrence, 72.3
Justin Fields, 69.0
Zach Wilson, 66.2

Mac Jones, 9-4
Justin Fields, 2-6
Zach Wilson, 2-6
Trevor Lawrence, 2-10
Trey Lance, 0-1

Justin Fields, 311
Trevor Lawrence, 241
Trey Lance, 137
Mac Jones, 68
Zach Wilson, 25

Justin Fields, 2
Trevor Lawrence, 2
Zach Wilson, 2
Trey Lance, 1
Mac Jones, 0

PFF Grade
Mac Jones, 83.0
Justin Fields, 64.2
Trey Lance, 60.0
Trevor Lawrence, 59.4
Zach Wilson, 58.5

With Jones throwing three passes in Week 13 before a Week 14 bye, the rest of the rookie class has an opportunity to gain some ground in the volume stats department. Notably, Lawrence could pass Jones in completions and passing yards if he completes at least 24 passes for 356 yards on Sunday, though that will be tough against a Titans team that is coming off its bye.

If Jones finishes the season as the best rookie quarterback, he figures to get some competition for Offensive Rookie of the Year from a pair of wide receivers. Ja'Marr Chase has 55 receptions for 958 yards and eight touchdowns for the Bengals, while Jaylen Waddle has caught 86 passes for 849 yards and four touchdowns for Miami.

Jones is currently the favorite for the award though, with -400 odds at MGM. Chase is second at +300, followed by the trio of Najee Harris, Devonta Smith and Jaylen Waddle, each at +10,000.

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