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Mac Jones Was Pretty Fired Up About One Christmas Gift: A Flashlight From His Girlfriend

BOSTON (CBS) --  Mac Jones is the quarterback of a playoff-bound team in his first NFL season and figures to be the leader of the Patriots for the foreseeable future. The rookie has provided New England fans with plenty of excitement on the football field this season.

Off the field though, Mac is really just a guy. Literally just your average dude. He's been knocked for having the personality of a wooden block by many, and it's a persona that he seemingly takes to a new level each and every week.

Take his favorite Christmas gift, for example. Asked about his Christmas on Monday's Merloni & Fauria on WEEI, Jones talked briefly about his favorite gift from the season. The 23-year-old sounded extremely pumped over getting .... a flashlight.

Yes. A flashlight.

"Christmas is great. I got a new flashlight from my girlfriend. I needed one for the house and she delivered," Jones shared with the hosts with a hearty chuckle. "We were fired up. It was great."

A practical guy like Jones enjoying a practical gift like a flashlight is no shock. Heck, we're surprised it wasn't a pair of socks that sent him over the moon. And the 4pm sunsets in New England makes the chances of needing a flashlight increase greatly for everyone -- quarterback of the Patriots or not.

Perhaps this was just Jones messing with the hosts and really leaning in to the perceived boring personality. But it has been no secret that Mac is all about football whenever he's awake, which must have Bill Belichick doing cartwheels inside Gillette Stadium.

If it is just a joke, Mac is having a fun time being in on it. On Monday, he was asked about teammate Matthew Judon saying that he doesn't have any "drip" when it comes to his wardrobe, a critique that he took in stride.

"I have some good outfits. I just don't always wear them," Jones said defending his honor. "Maybe next time I'll wear one for Judon so he sees I got some 'drip.'"

And like his head coach a few weeks ago, Jones wouldn't share his New Year's resolution for 2022, either.

"Yeah, I mean I'm not going to release any of those. But when the new year comes you want to work on yourself," he said. "I don't think too much about it. Focus on what I can control."

What he can control is his focus on football. And if he does have to deal with a power outage as he prepares for the Dolphins in Week 18 or New England's future playoff matchup, he's now got a trusty flashlight to help him study in the dark.

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