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Lynn Puts Brakes On Dockless Bike Program

LYNN (CBS) - They were supposed to be a convenience, but in the city of Lynn, dockless bikes have become more of a nuisance. "I see more of these laying on the sidewalk than people riding them. An abandoned bike is not a good look," said Lynn resident Mike Craig.

Four months into a pilot program, Lynn city councilors are asking the companies behind them, Ant Bicycle and LimeBike to put on the brakes and remove more than 100 of them.

"We were getting calls that people couldn't get down a sidewalk, they were knocked over, vandalized and there was no concerted effort on the part of the companies to go get them," said Jay Walsh, Ward 7 Lynn City Councilor.

Ant Bicycle
Ant Bicycle on Lynn sidewalk (WBZ-TV)

The concept is simple enough as riders download an app, pay and unlock the bike, and then drop it off at a convenient spot for the rider. But the concept, say councilors, has also become the problem.

"That was supposed to be the benefit, not to have to bring the bike back where you picked it up. But the problem is people are driving them into the neighborhoods," said Walsh.

The bikes are supposed to be collected by the companies two days after they're no longer in use. The city of Lynn will reconsider the program next spring if councilors see improvement in how it's managed.

Ant Bicycle
Ant Bicycle in Lynn (WBZ-TV)

With congested streets, the city has been looking for innovative way to get more cars off the roads.

"It was a noble cause so to speak," said Lynn resident Justice Born. "Health conscious people who don't have the resources to buy a high end bike or something."

Councilors also see the winter months ahead and don't want to hassle with snow and bikes.

"We were looking for new ideas and having the bikes was an idea," said Walsh.

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