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Worker Rescued After Becoming Trapped By Debris At Lynn Construction Site

LYNN (CBS) -- A man was freed by the Lynn Fire Department after he became trapped by debris at a large construction site on Munroe Street Friday morning. According to Lynn Deputy Fire Chief Arthur Richard, the call came in around 8:15 a.m.

It initially reported that 20 people were trapped but "upon arrival, we found that many workers had self-extricated from the collapse, but there was still four or five that were still kind of pinned in there. Ultimately, there was only one that was physically entrapped," said Richard.

Firefighters were able to cut through the rebar that collapsed on the last man and rescue him in about half an hour.

"There was one piece of rebar that was pinned into his work belt and we actually cut the work belt and we freed him and lifted him straight out of the hole," Richard said.

He was med-flighted to Massachusetts General Hospital but was conscious and alert at the time. His current status is unknown.

"Everybody was lucky. A rescue like this puts a lot of people in jeopardy,  the workers on the site, of course, they want to help their brother so they all go running into the hole and the situation is real unstable," said Richard.

Police and OSHA are investigating.

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