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Hot Soup Allegedly Dumped On Lowell Teen In School Assault

TYNGSBORO (CBS) -- A 15-year-old student at Greater Lowell Technical High School has been suspended for allegedly dumping hot soup on another student.

Michelle Acevedo, a sophomore, tells The Lowell Sun she was returning from the bathroom and talking with two friends when a 15-year-old boy approached her, thinking that she had been addressing him.

"He said, 'Keep talking (curse word) and you're going to get hit,'" Acevedo told The Sun. "I looked at him like, why would you threaten a girl? And he dumped a cup of soup over my head."

Acevedo said she and the boy then got into a fight and was hit in the face twice, which she believed caused the burns near her left ear to rupture.

Her parents say she went to the hospital to be treated for a second-degree burn, and stayed home from school for two days to heal.

Acevedo and the alleged assailant do have a history, according to The Sun. Police are expected to file charges against the boy, but Acevedo's parents want to see him expelled.

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