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Lowell High School banning cellphones in classrooms

Lowell High School to ban cellphones in class
Lowell High School to ban cellphones in class 00:22

LOWELL – Lowell High School is no longer allowing students to have cellphones in class, calling them a distraction to learning and engagement.

Starting on Monday the school will require students to put their phones in special lockers during class.

Phone use will be allowed in the hallway during class changing times and during lunch.

Any student who violates the rule "repeatedly" will have their phone confiscated. Those students will not be able to carry their phone at school, and a parent will need to come pick up the device and discuss possible discipline. 

The policy will be reviewed at the end of the school year to see if any changes are needed.

Hundreds of students have signed a petition asking the school to reconsider.

"Over the past several years, cell phones have become a serious distraction in the classroom, not only to learning, but to student engagement," the school said in a statement. "By eliminating the distraction, the time we have for learning and meaningful interaction is made more efficient and effective, which is a win for both the students and the teachers. While we applaud the students who oppose the policy for making their voices heard, we urge them to unplug for a while and give the policy a chance to see how it works."

Cell phones are already not allowed in elementary and middle schools in Lowell.

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